Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Loft

So, we have a loft in our home.  When we first came in and looked at this house before we decided to move in I thought the loft was soooo cool.  I just liked how it was open and there were lots of windows around so it was bright...however I quickly discovered what a freaking eye sore it could be!  Blahhhhh.  Enter exhibit A.
There it was, in all it's glory right when you walked up the stairs.  NOT CUTE!  So we left it this way for a good 5 years until finally it could be stood for no longer.  I got the know the one where your like "ok we aren't moving any time soon and I am so sick of looking at this and since we aren't moving any time soon I should probably like what I am looking at every day so I'm finally going to quit complaining about it and do something about it, itch."
Here are the steps I went through:
#1.  First things first - get rid of the junk!  Whether that means actually getting rid of it or donating or just putting it in storage for now, get the stuff out of the room that is not neccessary, not being used, shouldn't be in there in first place etc.
#2. Next, I wanted to decide on a color scheme.  I had been toying around with the idea of going with a black and white/neutral color scheme throughout the house but knew I wanted some accent colors to go along with it.  Since I redid the linen closet with the teal color I definitely wanted to incorporate that and I also just really liked the idea of adding a bright yellow so that part was decided on.
#3. I needed more seating in the loft desperately so we set off to Ikea and went with the Expedit shelf and decided we would turn it on it's side to make a big bench but still be able to use it for storage. 
We also picked up a white desk, chair and a two tiered Expedit Shelf for more storage. 
#4. Accents and Decorations.  I don't like to set out to find specific things at specific stores because that never ever works out so although it makes for a long process over the next few months as I was out and about I would just find things or ideas that would work perfectly in the loft and I would pick them up as I found them.  The room came together so smoothly this way.  Stress free and easy - just the way I like it! 
So without further is the unveiling of the loft.

   I love it! I think it will be a constant work in progress but I am so happy with how it is coming along.  The canvas above the desk is a picture we took when we were in Hawaii 2 summers ago and we have decided to make a collage of canvas' from other trips we have taken so we will hopefully constantly be updating that. 
Come back over the next few days/weeks for some tutorials on projects around this room and let me know what you think!
Also, just as a side note we also have this ledge on the landing in our stairwell that we updated as well as part of the loft redo...


  1. I love it! And I feel lucky to have seen most of this remodel in person . . . and it is truly so peaceful and beautiful. The color scheme is fantastic and your selection of decor is really perfect. It is a functional, yet so . . . FUN!!! I will be consulting you for some decorating help after we move into our new place in Oregon.

  2. Oh, and I like what you said about just getting it done. I often have that attitude that "oh, we're going to move sometime" and so I don't bother to make a room the way I really want it. But I could end up living my whole life with things the way I don't really want them at that rate! When I could have had beautiful rooms all along.

  3. Hi Jenny,
    It's your cousin Erika here. Stumbled across this the other day. I really like the pictures of California and Colorado on the wall...clever did you make them and if so how?

  4. Hi Erika!! I painted a piece of wood, then printed off the outlines of each state from the internet. I cut out the heart at Sacramento and Colorado Springs and then lighly taped each outline where I wanted it on the wood and then hammered nails in around the outline. Once that was done I took the paper off the wood and then wrapped string around the nails always going back to the heart in the middle. Hopefull that last part made sense :). So good to hear from you!