Monday, September 3, 2012

Tutorial: Bench Cushion Cover

I have been in desperate need of recovering my vanity bench cushion for the longest time but honestly...I've just been really lazy.  I think another reason is that I just could not find any fabric that I was all that excited about.  However - I did finally find this grey and white medallion fabric on and that got my rear in gear! 
Here is the bench BEFORE.  It had a water stain on it and not only that it was just a sad, blah color.  It needed some glitz!

So to get started I had my hubs take the top off.
Next he took the black lining off by removing the staples.  I decided to leave the original suede cover on.  I just didn't think it was necessary to remove it.
Next I layed the lid on top of my fabric so I could decide where to cut it.
 Once I decided where I wanted to cut I just eye balled it and cut away.  I wasn't super technical with this part, I just made sure it was going to be long enough to come up over the cushion.
Once everything was cut and ready to go I started staple gunning the fabric to the back board of the cushion.  I started with one of the long sides first and then just worked my way around.  I really wanted to make sure that it's going to stay in place and stay tight so I did lots of staples. 
Next I did the short end and realized that to make the corner lay right I needed to trim so I did that as soon as I had staple gunned that side.
I checked out how the original corner was done and decided I would try to do mine that way as well.  It made the most sense to me and seemed the easiest.  There is probably a better way but that's OK.
Here is how my corners ended up looking...

Almost done!  As a final touch I decided to staple gun the black lining that we removed in the beginning, back on to make it look professional and like it was always there.  I also figured it would give it just a little bit more reinforcement.  Then I screwed the lid back on and bada bing bada boom.  It's done!
I love how it turned out!
Next I need to organize what I normally store in this little bench so once that's done I will show you what I came up with! 

Happy Monday!
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