Wednesday, April 4, 2012


It is a well known fact that we inherit our genetic makeup from our parents who in turn inherited their genes from our grandparents.   It seems reasonable to me to assume that I was born with genetic potential to be similar in many ways to my ancestors.  Don’t panic…this is not a science post. 
Basically I’m talking about the gardening gene.  My grandfather was a farmer his whole life.  My dad loved to garden.  He was a farmer who moved to the city out of necessity but he never stopped growing things.  He always planted a garden and had beautiful flowers where ever we lived.

This picture of my dad isn’t that great but you can get an idea of the pink and white stripped petunias that he loved most.
  My sisters all love to garden and have beautiful yards.  One of my brothers raises a big garden of vegetables every summer.   Even the butterflies want to be in Jacque and Beverly’s garden.

Me - not so much.   I don’t know if the gardening gene skipped me or if I just have not developed my potential in that area.  Oh, yes I have occasionally tried to grow things but plants seem to realize that they have a novice in charge and the race to see how fast their leaves can drop off.  I think it has to do with water and talking to them. 
So now that I am retired and have time to “stop and smell the roses” I’ve decided to give my gardening gene another chance to emerge from the oblivion that has overtaken it.   Ok - really I have been on Pinterest again and have seen so many great ideas for container gardens I just had to give it a try.  Keep your fingers crossed for us and maybe remember these pretty little flowers in your prayers. 

What is in your genes?  We all have genetic potential when we are born.  It is up to us to take that potential and make it become part of who and what we are.  I don’t expect to be the world’s greatest gardener but I do think I can be a better gardener than I have been – after all – it’s in my genes.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Our New Look

We've made some changes around the blog and I feel we would be ungrateful not to give credit where credit is due!  Kassie from Designs by Kassie was so lovely to work with and did a great job conveying exactly what we wanted!  We are incredibly excited now to move forward in this new adventure with a whole new look!  I kind of feel like getting the blog makeover was like when you get a new outfit or a new purse - you always feel awesome and ready to take on the world when you are wearing a shiny new outfit!  So - thanks Kassie for all your hard work!!  We love it!!