Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Loft: Organization

One of my top priorities these days in anything I am doing to improve my home is organization and storage.  We have plenty of space in this house for the two of us but finding places to store things can sometimes be a challenge.  As far as just makes me happy.
Our new Ikea desk has a top drawer to the right and was pretty much a hot mess after we put everything back in.  So obviously I was on the hunt for some reasonably priced but stylish organizational tools and finally came across the Martha Stewart stack and fit collection at Staples.  They are perfect because you can customize them to fit your needs (by the way, although it may seem like it - I actually am not a spokesperson for Martha.  Her stuff just always works me.  All opinions on this blog are mine and I have not been asked to review every product she has ever came out with...maybe someday.  Ha ha ha). 

The desk itself came with an insert that rests on the top of the drawer where we store our pens, pencils, scissors, etc which is nice because we don't have to have them sitting on the desk.
Now, moving on to the Expedit. We purchased baskets to fit on the bottom row because we knew we wanted to use the top for books.  It took me a while to decide what to put in the baskets but one day it finally hit me!  I needed somewhere to store all of our gift wrapping supplies!  I had been seeing all of these amazing ideas on Pinterest for storing those items in big elaborate over the door hanging devices but we just didn't have that kind of room so this worked out great!
 The first basket holds all of the extra gift bags and tissue paper
 The second basket is for gift boxes
 The third basket is for gift tags, ribbon, and gift card boxes
 The final basket is a little random but this is where we are storing our extra extension cords and timers for our lights.
 Hope you've enjoyed my little organizational tour and come back for more tutorials from The Loft!

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  1. We love those Ikea shelves! They really are great because you CAN customize them with any look you want, and you can lay them down or stand them up or do whatever with them. They are sturdy and perfect.

    Our office space is a real mess. I'm trying to figure out how to organize it and then STAY organized. I can get it organized, but then it starts becoming the dumping ground for everything. Papers get piled up. Junk gets piled up and I'm so TIRED of it! I've got to figure it out at our new house.