Thursday, August 16, 2012

Car Kit: Part 1

I, like many people find so much inspiration through Pinterest and others blogs and lately I've noticed a lot of people creating personalized car kits for their cars.  I am guessing they are so popular right now because of the summer time and so many families taking road trips but I love the idea and decided to create my own. 

So many times I am in my car wishing I had some contact solution or something of the sort so I decided to rack my brain and come up with all of the things I might need while in the car and here is the list I came up with.  A lot of the items I already had on hand, it was just a matter of putting them all together...

     * Kleenex
     * Small Flash Light
     * Pad of paper and pen
     * Lotion
     * Chap Stick - in a tub in case it melts, it won't matter
     * Contact solution
     * Hand Sanitizer
     * Wet Ones
     * Small Manicure Set - Nail File and Clippers
     * Gum
     * Bleach Pen
     * Bobby Pins
     * Safety Pins
     * Hair Ties
     * Plastic Grocery Sacks
     * Small First Aid Kit
     * Toilet Seat Covers
     * Water Bottles - NOT for drinking

Once I had my list - I went through and figured out which items I already had and which ones I needed to pick up and headed out to get them.  I also got two of these plastic bins from Wal Mart to store everything in.  The first tote will have the personal type items and as you can see I have plenty of room to add more things as I come up with them.

The second tote will have more road side assistance type items.  I will be talking with the hubs about what those items should be this weekend (because lets face it, I know nothing of those things) and then I will post the list we come up with. 

Everything will be stored in the back of my car in this tote I found at The Container Store

Come back in a couple days so I can show you the finished product!

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