Monday, March 26, 2012


Why do some words evoke such negative images?  Obsession is generally implied as a negative thing but to me obsession can be beautiful.  Take my latest “obsession” with decorating plastic eggs. 
These decorated eggs are so easy and inexpensive you will want to make dozens of them.   This can be a fun project to do with your kids, friends, or just enjoy creating them yourself.  They make great gifts.
Check out your stash before you go shopping since you may already have most of what you need. Here’s the supply list:
Plastic Eggs (various sizes) – It is perfectly ok to take a few from the kiddo’s Easter basket from last year.  Just be sure they are clean and empty.
- You’ll need crochet thread, embroidery floss, or yarn to wrap the eggs.  (I used the cotton yarn I had left over from the dish cloth obsession I had a few months ago…. There is that beautiful word again.)
- Ribbon, buttons, flowers or other embellishments to decorate the eggs
- All purpose glue that dries clear
- Hot glue and glue gun
- Scissors
- Wire Cutters
- Paper Tubes (I use the core of toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls)
- Straight pins or toothpicks
- Damp Sponge or cloth
There are basically three easy steps to create a beautiful decorated egg.
First – Prepare the eggs
I usually prep several eggs at once because it is just like a bag of chips…you won’t be able to make just one.
Open the eggs and run a thin bead of the glue around the middle edge then snap the egg together.  Smooth the glue that pops out around the center of the egg.  Wipe your fingers on the damp sponge.  Set the egg aside to dry and move on to the next one. 
Use your wire cutters to clip off the tiny little hinge that holds the egg halves together.  Be careful not to squeeze hard enough to pop the eggs open.  If the egg does pop open the world still spins through space but you need to re-glue the pieces together.
Second – Cover the Eggs
Apply white glue to the broad end of the egg. 
Begin to apply the yarn being careful to coil the thread tightly.  I find it is easier to balance the egg on a stand (TP core cut down to a comfortable work height) during this step.  I also use a pin to help coil the first couple of rounds because it saves getting glue all over my fingers. 
Continue adding glue as needed.  I find it is best not to get too far ahead with the glue because it dries out and the yarn doesn’t stick as well.  As you continue to coil the yarn around the egg use your finger to gently push the coils together to avoid gaps.  Wipe your fingers often on the damp sponge.  Slightly damp fingers don’t pick up the glue so your fingers don’t get sticky.
At the end clip the yarn, then using a pin, tightly coil the yarn so that all the egg is covered.   I usually place a small dot of glue on the tip and press gently with my finger to seal all the threads in place on the ends.  The glue will dry clear so you don’t see it.
Third – Decorate the Eggs
Now you can let your creativity run wild.  Use your hot glue to attach ribbon, buttons, lace, flowers, or whatever your imagination can dream up.  I used a lot of my scrapbooking supplies because they are flat and easy to attach with the hot glue. 
Finally, display your eggs.  I placed some in a basket I crocheted (another recent obsession) but some of my favorites I placed as a centerpiece on my coffee table.  I needed different heights so I used some of my pretty crystal wine glasses (we don’t drink wine so it was a good use for them)and glass candle sticks.  I also had some fancy crystal napkin ring holders which I have never used so I brought out a few of those as well. 

Yes, I do believe obsessions can be beautiful. 

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