Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Organize It!

I have been on a huge organizing kick in my house over the last month.  It seems like it's all I can think about!  Every corner I walk past or cupboard I open I am thinking of ways I can organize it so I thought I would share my top 10 favorite tips and ideas I've found over the last few weeks!

I love this spice cupboard!  She found these jars at the dollar store!  Love that!!  I will show you my take on this project in another post!
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I cannot wait to have this set up for my wrapping supplies.  What I have right now is not so much working and this would be amazing!
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This is brilliant!  We have so many cords around our house and I usually have no clue what they are for.  The only ones I know are the iPad, Laptop and phone chargers so I will definitely be taking on this project. 
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I love these little bowls for organizing jewlery.  I plan to get some from Anthropologie to set out on my vanity.  So pretty!
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I love the idea of using pretty dishes for organizing a laundry room or under the bathroom sink. It's unexpected and helps those not always so pretty places have a little personality.  You can always find cute things like this at Home Goods.
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I found this idea on i heart organizing's blog.  She is amazing and has the best ideas!  I already had 2 of these q-tip boxes in my house from past trips so I immediately went and got them and stuck our headphones in them and put them in the desk drawer.  Works like a charm!  Simple, free and gets the job done!

I think these faux chalk board labels are the cutest!  No mess, no accidentally wiping them off!  Genius!
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I have been using these baskets all over my house to organize!  You'll be seeing them in future posts for sure.  I love them because they are plastic for easy cleaning but they have a little style to them!!!
Room Essentials Yweave Small Green Storage Baskets Set of 6.Opens in a new window

I need this type of organization DESPERATELY!  I can't wait to tackle this project!  It makes the fabrics look so pretty, like you can just go shopping in your house!  Maybe it would make me want to use my scrap fabric instead of buy new!  My husband would probably like that!
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I love projects like this because it serves two purposes - 1. it's super cute and would look really great on the wall and 2. it organizes!!!  I would love to be able to look up grab what I need and get to work!
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Well, that's it for now.  I hope something here has inspired your organizing juices!  There are so many great resources out here on the web and I am so grateful to those who share their ideas! 

Happy Organizing!

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