Friday, May 4, 2012

Love/Hate Relationships

Ladies, it is time to bring the messiest relationship you have out of the closet.  Come on…be honest…we all have them.  You know what I’m talking about.   You spy it across a crowded sales floor and believe that you are not able to continue in existence without that absolutely perfect handbag.   You LOVE it. It’s the perfect color, shape, style and it is on sale.  Life just doesn’t get better.  Am I right?
The funny thing is the first time you use this perfect bag you think it is a little fluky that you can’t find your cell phone when it goes off so you dig around until just as the call goes to voice mail you finally find it in corner.  Next you notice you can’t find your car keys so you dig around for five minutes even going so far as to shake the contents up a bit because we all know that’s going to help.  This relationship begins to turn ugly….sort of like this. 
So what’s a girl to do?  Well I happened to be thinking of giving a great bag to the Goodwill but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  I really did love that bag.  That’s when I stumbled on a way to save my relationship with my handbag. 
This simple organizer is so easy to make and the best thing is you can change purses in a flash without having to transfer a dozen things.  It rolls up so it fits in bags of all sizes.  Now I can quickly find my phone, pens, tissues, or any number of things. 
I love this simple idea that has solved a problem that was making me into a not so merry Merry!
Quick Directions:
Cut two pieces of fabric 8” by 26” and   two pieces of heavy duty iron on interfacing the same measurements.  Iron the interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric.
- With the right sides together, sew the two pieces of fabric together using a ½ inch seam.  Be sure to leave an opening to turn it right side out.  Clip the corners and turn the organizer right sides out.  Press flat then top stitch around the edge, closing the turn opening at the same time. 
- Fold one long edge up about 3 inches then sew the ends.   Mark pockets based on what you plan to put in your organizer.  Measure the item and add 1 inch for each slot.  Sew the seams being sure to back stitch.  
Fill it up and live happily ever after!  
For the detailed directions you can go to The Giving Flower

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