Monday, April 15, 2013

Organization: Handbags

I have been trying to figure out a good solution for my handbags since before I even did my Master Closet Redo.  It seemed like they were always in the way, never looked neat or organized no matter what I did and it drove me bananas! 
They started out being stored in a laundry basket at the top of the closet...classy I know.  As of a few days ago they looked like this....
It's definitely not terrible but it wasn't quite right either.  I wanted them to be more accessible because as it were if I tried to pull one down, they pretty much all came down with it.  Booo.  Last weekend I was at the glorious of all glorious stores - The Container Store and found these bad boys...
Yup - that'll do it.  So I bought a whole bunch and got to getting them set up right away.  Before buying you will have to make sure that the shelf you are going to attach them to is going to work with them but if they do they are great!
And the final product...

So much better! I can see everything and I only need to pull out one at a time!!
Other handbag storage I like:


  1. Wow! Those make a big difference. I wish I had that many handbags to organize. My one sad little purse and my church bag, (made by you, of course), both sit on the floor in my closet. I love looking at how you organize things though. Great ideas for when we move back to our house.

  2. Please move in for a few weeks and do your magic at my house. Thanks!